Sniglet of the Day : January 14

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Fods (fahdz) – n. Couples at amusement parks who wear identical T-shirts, presumably to keep from getting lost.

Those of us whom have been lucky enough to go to any of the various theme parks dotted across the Sun Belt have seen Fods. They are tourists they seem to have developed a sense of style which is no style at all. Often their uniform consists of khaki shorts, very bright neon t-shirts, or loud Hawaiian shirts. Shoes can be sneakers, or sandals, sometimes white socks with sandals for the males. Sometimes you won’t only see fods in pairs, but in a whole family unit. Your first thought upon seeing fods at such a park is, “OMG! Did they come to (insert state’s name here) and leave their brains at home?” If you are unlucky enough to encountered the fods on the roads in their tiny rental car units, then your speculation about their missing brains might be correct.

It is very strange how people of supposedly normal intelligence seem to lose all sense of fashion taste and style once they go on a vacation. You know these people don’t dress like this when they go to the office, and they don’t send their kids to school in such blindingly garish outfits. It’s a mystery that seems to have eluded us people living in the host states of such theme parks since the 1950s, and we will never be able to solve it.