Sniglet of the Day : February 6

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Sniglet Of The DayTricklemicrochips – n. Those little tiny broken pieces of Doritos that seem to trickle to the bottom of the bag or bowl no matter what

On this big game day, we are going to be consuming multitudes of salty tortilla chips, salsa, flavoured or plain. Somehow, these fried and sliced maize pancakes will become brittle throughout the day, and little bits of them will break off and fall to the bottom of their container by the force of gravity. These tiny bit of tortilla chips are called “Tricklemicrochips”. They are too small to dip, too small too bake into a nacho tray, so small, even the family pets don’t want them. They are just some kind of fiesta dust, but they are still just as tasty. The only way to eat them is to tip them into your hand, and guzzle them down like you do with Pixie Stix.

Today is a day for pure salty snack gluttony, the day all New Year’s resolutions are broken. The day when anyone obsessing over the food they should be eating throws in the towel and goes whole hog as they get into the game. All of the goodies are there, the beer, the nuts, the hot wings, the pizza, the soda pop, the nachos, and any kind of football-shaped sweet cakes or cookies to balance out the salt. It’s a junk food Thanksgiving dinner, but much more fun, so you are bound to run into some Tricklemicrochips along the way. If you wish to discard them, just go open a new bag, because you know there will be one.