Sniglet of the Day : February 5

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Sniglet Of The Day
Pigslice (pig’ slys) – n. The last unclaimed piece of pizza that everyone is secretly dying for.

It’s Superbowl weekend, a time for pizza and wings, and all the things that go with them, but eventually, you will find an end to that pizza paradise. There will be this lonely slice of pepperoni pizza sitting in a box waiting for someone to claim it. That is the Pigslice. Will the tackles for the pigslice in your own home be as intense as the ones you might see on that snowy field tomorrow night? It might just happen if you don’t have a backup plan that includes salty snacks to balance out all that beer. Sometimes a pigslice does not even have to be pizza, but pizza is most common. It can be cheesecake, pecan pie, anything that is cut to look like a wheel.

With most bowlgame parties, the host usually tend to buy pizza in bulk, so running into a pigslice situation might not happen. Keep the food levels high, and the keg tapped, and some people might not even know the pigslice is there. With the weather being so wacky cold this weekend, the hot wings and ranch sauce will most likely be in high demand, so keep plenty of them around. When your guests leave, you can share that pigslice with your co-host.