Sniglet of the Day : February 23

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Sniglet Of The Day T’otchlie – The notch marked on condiment packets that reads “TEAR HERE”, but never works when you try to rip them.

Earlier this week, we posted the sniglet “frustra“, and now we have a by-product of frustra, the t’otchlie. This is one of the most aggravating parts of a fast food dining experience. Sure, there is a little thing on that packet that reads “TEAR HERE”, but once you do that, you still end up mangling that little ketchup packet till it is fubar, and go for the neatly packaged ranch sauce instead. Who wouldn’t? Ranch is great on just about anything. So is challenging that little t’otchlie worth it to get to the most-likely-bad-for-you-anyway, laden with MSG and HFCS stuff inside it anyway? Many of those who think that fries are just something to pick ketchup with think so.
T’otchlies not only are on condiment packets, but also pre-measured coffee packets, as many people who work in, well just about any business that offers free coffee to their employees, will have to deal with. T’otchlie is pretty much the bane of convenience in little 1-8 ounce packets, and those packets are most often made from frustra. So to those of you who know the secret to getting around the t’otchlie, share it with us, or just continue laughing at us when we finally do get those packets open and manage to get ketchup on just about anything but our french fries.