Sniglet of the Day : February 22

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Sniglet Of The DayGlackett (glak’ it) – n. The noisy ball inside a spray-paint can.

Spring has made its mark in the South, and with it comes the sounds of glacketts rattling throughout many garages and patios. I’m sure you’ve all heard glacketts before. Shake a can of spray-on lacquer or enamel, and listen to the sound of the metal maraca as you prep for your newest springtime projects. Repainting outdoor furniture. There’s a glackett in there! Restoring an old hotrod? There’s a glackett in there! That noisy clickety-click mixes that paint perfectly, and it makes you wonder why people just don’t use this fun festive stuff to paint their houses with. It has to be more fun that those quiet old brushes, rollers,and sponges. Get enough glacketts shaking, and you could have a salsa street party! Even Mike Holmes could agree on that, and he knows all about any kind of paint or home improvements in general. We lucky Southerners might not have the snow to deal with any more, but if you are going to gear up you glacketts for any paint projects before March, do it soon before the pine bloom hits, or no matter what colour your car or patio furniture is supposed to be, it will be permanent covered with a dust of goldenrod yellow. Try to get it done before May, else you end up with more than your usual share of lovebugs on your car. Glacketts make sure the paint works right, making sure it looks right is all up to the operator.