Sniglet of the Day : February 21

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Sniglet Of The DayFrustra (frus’ trah) – n. The special plastic used in the manufacture of fast-food ketchup packets.

We’ve all used them, those little Heinz ketchup packets that are given away to go with our fries, onion rings, tater tots, or whatever deep-fried side dish any particular fast-food outlet sells. You find them all over the nation, in the restaurants on the corner, in the themeparks along side corn dogs and nacho chips. Frustra is not only used in making ketchup packets, but mustard, mayonnaise, and even lemon juice. Whatever you might want to add to your food or drinks, in little one or two once packets, but not unlike those CDs that cause Wrap Rage, they can be hell to get into. That little “tear here” notch that lies to you when you try to break into the packets just to give those overly-salted strips of potato-like substances a bit of flavour is so misleading. Frustra is one of the most irritating inventions ever created, and there are most likely people at the places that make this stuff that are watching unsuspecting fast-food consumers on hidden cameras, and laughing at them as they attempt to tear open these tiny terrors of gastronomic annoyance. Maybe, sometimes, the fries just taste better without the ketchup.