Sniglet of the Day : February 13

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Sniglet Of The DaySqueech – The sound of a metal pot or pan as it passes over a hot stove burner.

It’s time to fix dinner, but sometimes, as that pasta boils away, you’ve got to grab a potholder and slide that pot off the stove to drain those noodles. That’s when the squeech occurs. A squeech is one of the world’s most annoying sounds, and will make anyone within earshot grit their teeth, and cock their head to the side like a puppy when it hears a whistle. That hot metal on metal scrape doesn’t last but for a second, but as they said in Deep Blue Sea, “How long something lasts is all relative.” In the case of a squeech, that metal on metal sound seems to go on forever in you happens to be in the kitchen when it happens. Not only do pasta pots make the worst squeeches, but so do cast iron skillets and sometimes woks. Woks might put out small squeech bursts as they tend to get shifted around during stir-frying. No matter what form the pan takes, the squeech is always the same. Loud, spine-tingling, and flesh crawling. Just like a sudden case bad flatulence, it is usually over in a matter of seconds, but the after-effects still linger. One wonders if squeeching might be one of the underlying cause of tinnitus.