Sniglet of the Day : April 7

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Sniglet Of The DayTWINKIDUE (twin’ kee dew) n. The residue on the inside of the wrapper that every junk food addict eventually gets to.

Twinkidue not only happens with Twinkies, but most any kind of snack cake that has that gooey vanilla buttercreme filling. Well, used to anyway. Not only is there the creme, but the gooey sticky cake that sticks to the little card that is inserted into the package to keep the cakes from falling apart. With all that sweet creme in the middle, something has to hold it together. Sadly, no big snack cake bakery corporation has found a way to make a true buttercreme filling, but that does not keep junk food junkies and sugar fiends from going after the twinkidue. So, no matter if it’s cupcakes, hoho’s, twinkies, zingers, or even snowballs, if you love that stuff, you are going to savour every bite, including the twinkidue. Thousands of kids across the world will be running their fingers over the paper card in order to get that last bit of cake-stuff to go with their last swallow of chocolate milk during lunch break. Travellers will take on the twinkidue as the drive down the highways, and guzzle it down with colas, frappechinos, and citrusy sports drinks that taste purely like A. chemicals or B. Kool-Aid from the Hood (Opt for Flavour B!). There might even be some tea involved in taking down those cakes, but make sure that you get every drop of the twinkidue, because you won’t know when you will get to do it again.