Sniglet of the Day : April 13

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Sniglet Of The DaySpidaflail (speye-da-flail) n. – That wonderfully ungraceful yet sometimes exotic dance that someone does when a spider falls into their clothes.

This is something truly amazing to see and very humorous. People will move in the most unusual ways possible and bend themselves into positions that only a contortionist could think of. The reason they are so spastic in their moves is that they fill the tiny little legs of an eight legged critter crawling on their skin under their clothes. The reason it is so spastic is that the spider keeps moving as it tries to evade the fingers and hands that are trying to get rid of it. Just when the person thinks they have found it they find it was just a string and start chasing the offending invader that is under their clothes.

This is even more humorous when the spider falls into the clothing of a woman, some men might even get a thrill from this dance. When a woman first starts it is with a shriek and then erotic and exotic movements that can sometimes result in the complete removal of clothing. They don’t care who might be around them they just want the spider done away with and off their skin. It is only after the bug is gone that they realize just how embarrassing the who situation is resulting in them getting rather red and running off.

So if you see someone gyrating around and shrieking now and then you just might be witnessing a Spidaflail in progress. A spider dance flail!