Skyline (2010) Don’t Look Up

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While it is true that much of the movie is shot in just one penthouse apartment this film still has a lot to offer in both action and effects. The acting was done well and it actually had a good script despite what other reviewers might tell you. They just didn’t like it because the people they wanted to see life just didn’t make it. This is not a film where everything comes out like we want or even expect. This is a film about how people deal with both everyday stresses and how they deal with the pressures of the unknown and possible doom. This is a thinking mans Sci-Fi film with action, hot women and jazzy and spectacular special effects to wow the mind and make you forget you are actually watching a drama.

Jarrod (Eric Balfour from Haven) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) are a young couple that are on their way to see Jarrod’s friend Terry (Donald Faison from Scrubs) to celebrate his birthday. Terry has ulterior motives in getting Jarrod to LA, he wants him to start working with him on projects that he is doing since Jarrod has a good eye for both art and photography. This point comes out accidentally at the party and it causes Elaine to become very upset since she thinks that Jarrod already knew about this and didn’t tell her about it. Nothing could be farther from the truth as it was the first time that he had even heard about it. The main reason that she was so upset and caused such a reaction from her is that she is pregnant and hadn’t yet told her boyfriend that she was. Coming out so suddenly with all that was going on with the party and the friends Jarrod was taken back by it and just fumbled everything that he was going to say. This of course pissed her off even more but as he said, what else should he say when it came out like it did.

Terry has his own problems to deal with as well. He has 2 women in his life, Candice (Brittany Daniel) his wife and Denise (Crystal Reed) his assistant and mistress which of course Candice doesn’t really know about. She suspects something might be going on but has no way to prove it. I will say that it is no wonder the guy is dipping his wick elsewhere since Candice is such a bitch to everyone around her, even to those that would try and help her. She is a pampered rich bitch and loves to shove everyone’s face in it. She is one of those people that would rather just shove you out of the way as to look at you. So Terry made sure to have a lovely assistant that could help him do everything, even use the bathroom. You will just have to see the film to understand that last statement.

We don’t know why the aliens chose this moment to come to Earth but we do know that they are here for computer parts. The human brain has more computing power then the fastest computers that has ever been made. Imagine what a computer would be like if it had all the processing power of a single brain. Is it no wonder they are here to harvest computer parts? The aliens are using brains to power their bio-molecularity machines and they are not just hitting LA they are hitting the entire world.

They snatch people by taking over their bodies and making them come to them. The way that they do this is with the use of some kind of special light that alters the human body and makes the person want to jump into the light. Once they jump they are pulled into the craft for later processing. Jarrod said that when the light took hold of him her felt powerful, stronger, stronger then he ever felt before. He also said that after each time he still felt stronger, that the feeling was not fading. It is this power that he has felt that is ultimately his salvation, in a why, and lets him protect both his girlfriend Elaine and their child that she is carrying.

This is a wild ride till you take and watch the film again. It is in watching it over that you realize how slow some of the parts of the film really are. The first time through you are wandering what is happening and it keeps you moving forward in the film and wanting to see what happens next. The special effects to add to the film but I am not sure if they are enough to have you coming back to see it again and again but it is worth seeing at least once. We don’t know if there is going to be anything to happen after what is shown but we do know that Jarrod is not going to ever quit protecting those that he loves.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆