Sky High (2005)

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The writers and director of Walt Disney Pictures Sky High have taken comic book super heroes in a new and imaginative direction where young students gifted with powers are sent to a high school for super heroes. They live in a world so full of super heroes that they need a place to learn together and to learn how to use their abilities. As with any high school environment not all students are good students. Sky High has its own cliques, its own bullies and all the other variations that you see in a school setting. This is truly a film for the whole family.

Young Will Stronghold, played by Michael Angarano, is getting ready for his first day of high school, the same school that his father and mother went to. He has no idea what to expect or what kind of students he will meet there, he just knows its going to be bad as he still hasn’t manifested any kind of powers yet. This film tracks him and his friends as they go though power placement and then learn how to be a side kick in hero support classes. This isn’t so bad for Will except for 3 problems, Lash played by Jake Sandvig, Speed played by Will Harris and Warren Peace played by Steven Strait whose father was sent to prison for 3 consecutive life sentences by Will’s father The Commander played by Kurt Russell. Isn’t high school grand?

Layla, played by Danielle Panabaker is Will’s closest friend since grade school and secretly has a crush on him. She like Will has super heroes in her family and she has powers too, the power to control plants, make them grow and to bend them to her will. Because of her powers she is going to Sky High with Will so she can learn how to become a super hero as well though she constantly refuses to show her power to others. Only her family and the Stronghold family know of her gifts while other find out that they have bit off more then they can chew when they piss Layla off. If only she could have the same courage as her convictions to be able to tell Will exactly how she feels.

Gwen played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the school geek, the smartest girl in class and the class rep and head of the home coming dance. She is also to Will the prettiest girl in school and she like him feeling that way about her. Having him eating out of her hand will allow her to get her revenge on The Commander and Jetstream played by Kelly Preston. No one really knows this till the very end when it really is far too late. Till then she is constantly trying to drive a wedge between Will and his friends to make her revenge even easier and more complete.

Being that this is a Disney family film you know that it is going to be great for the whole family, even if you don’t like super hero movies. This film is full of laughs and actually makes you think almost like a mystery even if you know what the outcome is going to be. This glimpse into another universe where heroes and villains are real gives us a chance to get away from it all and just enjoy a good film with family and friends. Don’t be surprised if your little wants keep asking you to play this movie again and again.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆ 

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