Singlet of the Day : Janury 17

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Chorecast (chor-cæst) n. A particularly bad weather forecast that implies shoveling or scraping ice from a windshield.

It is mid-January, and those of you living north of…. Montgomery, Alabama, at least for this winter season, have most likely been dealing with this sniglet every day. Those little plastic scrapers that uncover the snow and ice from your car windows so you can see to drive in the frigid mornings to any place you would rather not be, like to school or work,when you still want to be under the mounds of quilts, comforters and furry pets that keep you warmer than any cup of hot coffee or cocoa can. You will most likely be rolling your eyes again when you hear tonight’s Chorecast on the 6 o’clock news tonight even. Frost? Freeze? Snow? Freezing Rain? Aren’t you sick of it already? We have another two or so weeks before Puxtahawney Phil comes out to tell us if we get an early spring, but just remember, the coldest month of the year isn’t even here yet. Bring on the scrapers, window sweepers and rock salt, because it’s not over till Mother Nature says it is, and we never know what she might have in store for us. Here’s hoping you don’t have a Chorecast tonight, because that’s less time you can spend scraping windows, and more time you can spend in your warm bed.