Singles In America

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Couples-In-AmericaWell, its that time again. The time that I rant about something that I have seen in the news that would only make sense to the right wingers and their women hating attitudes. Today on HLN I saw Robin Meade giving a news run down on how there are now more single people in the USA than there are married couples. Why this is news is beyond me but she further went to say that there were fears that this would hurt the economy. The reasoning is that married couples spend more than singles do on products and services. I can think of many that would benefit from marriage in America. Lets take a look at them, shall we?

Marriage counselors would not have as many customers because there would be less demand for them. Instead they would have to become couples counselors. In a way that would actually increase their client list with all those ladies with boyfriend issues and all those guys that have no clue what their gal wants or needs. There is a reason why they don’t know and it is two fold. One, they tend to not listen to what the woman is saying because the lady is wrapping everything is double entendres and hidden meanings. Of course they will not understand. Two the ladies will not just come right out and say exactly what they mean. They want the guy to figure it our and are mad at them when they CAN”T figure it out. We men are forced to think linear for most of the day and making guys think abstractly without the use of affection and liquid lubricants, (not KY) we just can not grasp what you ladies are trying to say.

Divorce lawyers would become rather extinct is no one would marry as they would no longer have a reason to exist. Guess they would just have to find some other grieving people to exploit if they didn’t have sappy whiny couples that should have went to therapy in the first place.

Churches would see a drop in attendance, godS forbid, because people might actually be thinking for themselves. Imagine being able to make up your own mind without some preacher telling you that everything that you are doing is going to send you straight to hell.

Now as to that whole married people spend more crap, have you ever seen what a guy is willing to spend to be able to the attention of a gal? How about how much needless money is spent of over priced makeup and designer clothes that only get worn a handful of times before it is discarded by ladies. Personally I think more money is going to be spent with people being single than if married.

Another thing about the winged right to bull crappers is the thinking that you have to be married to have kids. If that were the case then there would not be any damned orphans, no offense to orphans by that statement, in this country or anywhere else in the world. All it takes is people being careless, drunk and careless, mistakenly thinking they took precautions for a kid to be born. There are many other ways but I am talking about the consensual ones here. When the child is born more often than not those that love each other tend to stay together to raise the child. Many even get married by the time the child has reached High school.

The point is that the economic sky is not going to fall if there are more single people in this country. It just means that the greedy as corporations and sleazy ministers are going to have to change up their game to rake in that all mighty dollar that they worship so damned much.

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