The Sims 3 Late Night

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I decided I would take the time to try Sims 3 Late Night without any modifications, just run it the way it comes when you install it with all of its patches and updates. I am going to let you all know just how it goes but I do have this to say: The new selection of hair that EA has offered us this time around are the absolute worst selection of hairstyles that I think they have ever made. I have NEVER seen some of these style in real life EVER. They are ugly, unkempt, totally impractical and just unflattering to look at. I have seen better hair on zombies in a horror film.

The catch line for the game, this expansion, is that it is a world where a single sim can have fun. They are right, if you want to have a family forget it. When you first start the game almost every housing lot is occupied leaving you to have to make lots and there is not that many places to make lots. Sims get the wish to be in a penthouse, guess what they are one tiny little corner of a big building that you can not even modify unless you cheat and they are only a single bedroom. How do you have a family in that kind of space? Previous expansions gave you room to grow this one give you no real room to grow and its hard to find places to even add lots as most of the terrain in unroutable.

Lets talk about clothing, seems that the designers have been surfing Salvation Army and Goodwill for anything that went out of style ages ago and was torn up. Skirts so short that if a woman bent over or a teen they would be showing the world everything that they have. Shirts that hang on the sim like they were made on an anorexic runway model who was strung out on heroine. Mind you these are how I see them and I know others will as well. The clothing is not flattering at all, what happened to all of the nice attractive clothes and hair from Sims 2? Many of us really want to know. Seems the makers of Sims 3 want every woman, young adult and teen to look like a total slut who would do anything for celebrity status.

Pathing in this game really doesn’t make sense, I had my sim go to get a job at the studio and she ran to the downtown station to take the subway to another station that was further away from her home then the station was. That just doesn’t make sense. Makes you wonder just how extensive this latest expansion was even tested. Another thing that makes no sense are the butts and boobs on the sims, especially the celebrity one and when you use the slider for the chest you get nice chunky unfaltering Reboot Season One Dot boobs. Come on EA Get a clue, do you expect young women playing this to mutilate their bodies to look like that?

Sims 3 Late Night is all about living the life and trying to become a celebrity, that means trying to impress other celebs, gain the attention of the paparazzi and being seen and drinking in as many bars as possible. My sim seemed to want to drink constantly. Another thing added is that of the vampire, these nocturnal creatures can be celebs too and will hunt you for a taste of your blood, at least that is the feeling that you sim gets. There are even vampire bars and resting places for the undead in your game for they abhor going out in the daylight, it makes them smolder and pass out.

Looking at the forums for Sims 3 you will see tons of people complaining about the game and I don’t blame them one bit, stuck cars, sims that stay in bad moods, missing sims, forced home even if you don’t want to go. The list of problems of this game go on and on. If you do play this game you might want to make sure that you have Twallan’s Overwatch Mod to make your game playable. Where ever happened to gaining skills by doing instead of having to take a class? That was a definite step backwards.

In all while this expansion added a lot of nice features it took and made other parts of the game not as enjoyable. I hope that future work on the game will be in the area of bug fixing and better customer relations, support and quality. I don’t want to have to pay someone or a company to be a beta tester for them, that is how this game feels, a beta.

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