Sims 3 Generations Failure!

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Just got Sims 3 Generations. It has some good points and a lot of bad points. First the good news, we now have bunk beds and spiral stairs. Something that we should have had from the very start. Teens are now able to do much more then they could in Sims 3 so far. They can now participate in after school activities, go on field trips, go on dates and even go to the prom either alone or with the one that they love. It adds much more depth to the game then we have seen so far and there are even a few new jobs as well. If you are buying this expansion for your self it could be a good buy, if you’re buying this to have on each computer on your house be prepared to be totally frustrated. This game will test your patience with just installing it and you will be screaming at your computer screen in no time at all. They don’t even give you a manual this time, just a single folded sheet of paper.

The Sims 3 Generations represents the pinnacle of gaming technology and marketing today, in other word it is broken soon as you buy it and you WILL be running to the modding sites to fix what EA should have fixed in the first place. Have they fixed the broken excavations? No. Have they fixed the 1001 and one lost vehicles? No. Have they done anything to speed up this dinosaur of a game? Emphatically no. Your Sim in inundated with phone calls, with insane opportunities that do not even match up with their traits. You would think that having the game running on high speed at night would be quick but it is not. It crawls to the point that you might be able to see the night pass after about 15 real time minutes. Well, maybe not that long but it sure feels that way.

While the game does add more to the game it seems to have cause more problems then it has fixed. I don’t care what the EA fundies might say, the game is broke and should not have been sold the way that it is. None of the Sims 3 games have been right as it came out the door. Hell the game had to be patched right after I installed it. Another annoying thing if you have your firewall set to let you know when something is trying to call out over the net without you knowing about it you will be not pleased to know that the game does just that without even asking you for permission. You are not given any warning or indication that it is doing so. Why you might ask is it doing this, it is so that it can let everyone on face book know what you Sim did last night. Sims 3 Generations now has memories, of sorts. It will take constant snap shots of your achievements and then bug you ever single time to click a button to upload it to face book. Since when did Sims 3 become an insane social game of one upsmanship? If I hadn’t taken 6 hours to get the game up to speed on my 3.4 ghz machine with a shine 460 gForce with 2 gigs of ram and a mobo with 4 gigs of ram I would be taking the game back and demanding my money returned.

EA should find all the old programers from Maxis, apologize to them and then give the franchise and the code back to them so that EA wont be able to screw it up ever again. I keep thinking that they will get it right, that they will get it fixed, that we would have something like we did when we had Sims 2 but they keep pulling the wool over our eyes. They promised us an open world and instead gave us Adobe Air and errors up the ASS!!!! I am getting tired of being screwed by gaming companies that are not even able to code their own damned stuff. They need to get rid of all the Kawaii bitches and put some real programers to work that know what the hell they are doing. Oh, and what the hell is with the baby larva having holes in their heads instead of hair and why does it take 90 minutes to make one single plate of pancakes that then takes another 30 minutes to eat. Do the programers know anything about life at all or are they all self absorbed virgins that don’t have a clue and still life with mommy and daddy. Grow up and learn to do it right!

If any of you have something different to say about the game, please play it first for a full Sim week and then say what you want right here. If you are able to play it that long then you will know how frustrating they have made the game. BTW, the Prom was at a rabbit hole and my Sim was arrested by the cops for being there too long. How wrong is that, its the prom for Gods, yes GODS with an S for all the gods in the universe, sake. Everything is a rabbit hole in this game because the programers do not want to do anything imaginative or correct. They don’t care and neither does EA. Look at their forum and you will see just what I mean.