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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Take some cartoon characters inspired by 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoons, splice it together with the Buy N Large stores from the movie, Wall-E and throw in a classic episode of I Love Lucy:

Mix them furiously, and serve at high velocity, and you get Shopmania!

Lewis is a little bit of a loser who just can’t get enough of the $pendmoore stores. He loves this place so much, he tends to spend all his money there. When his best and only friend, a talking hamster, Gerry, gets sick, Lewis gets a dream job at the low-wage sweatshop he loves so much in order to buy meds for Gerry. He is now working there as a shopping assistant. The customers don’t really know what exactly they want, but it does not matter. All Lewis has to do is fill the carts with goods so that the items in the cart equal a certain sum. If he gets everything in the cart in one colour, there’s a bonus. If he can slip in a free gift to make the cart full, there’s another bonus. If he can use Gerry to fill slots so the cart looks full, there’s another bonus, but don’t let his slave-driving supervisors know!

Oddly enough, the smartest character in this time management game is the hamster, but Lewis as works his way through the departments, the shoppers at $pendmoore just can’t seem to get enough of his service with a smile. Even though he working for peanuts, he loves this job! Every time he makes a sale, we are reminded with a joyous shout of “$pendmoore!” That can get a little annoying after working through the first two departments, though. It’s all in fun, and we should never take people like Lewis and Gerry too seriously. After all, they are only cartoons.