Shop It Up!

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

From the title, you would think that this game was a sort of “shop till you drop” kind of time management puzzle game, but it is anything but. You are given the task of running multiple shops in a new mall. You start in running a food court at the north entrance, candies, cookies, coffee, smoothies and such, decorating the shops, hiring staff, and running advertising. Eventually, you will open new kinds of stores in other parts of the mall, until you get to high end stores, and the game gets progressively harder as you are running various kinds of shops, and the staff you hire gets larger, as does their paychecks, and your advertising strategies. This game is not overly great on graphics. It is fairly simple, and your customers look very much like Fisher-Price Little People. Each level of play gives you new challenges to face, and new kinds of stores to run. I highly recommend this casual game to those who like puzzles, strategy, and time management games, because it is so much fun. I’ll be getting back to it shortly. I only stopped long enough to write this review. It’s that addictive! If you’ve got an hour to check out the trial go check out Shop It Up! right now, because it’s a holiday, and this is one great game to play to while away this government-given downtime.