Shadow of the Colossus

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Shadow of the Colossus is fun game and really hard. This game is one of the best games of 2005 and the best PS2 game of all time. When I was playing this, I had so many problems with the controls, but I got used to it. The controls are more of a pain than in Tomb Raider. I’m talking about the Tomb Raider from 1996, not one came out in 2013.

Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game. It has good storyline, graphics that you will never think to be seen on the PS2, and really challenging gameplay. This game beats the Legend of Zelda series. The game is about a young man named Wander who wants to bring back his lover back to life. She is in a sleeping curse. So, he must kill these colossi so she can bring back to the land of the living. When I played this game, the story is like Sleeping Beauty meets giant monsters. The graphics looks so damned good!

This game beat’s GTA games for the PS2, Zelda’s, and, hell! it beat’s the Final Fantasy games for the PS2. This game has better graphics than any other PS2 game out there. The gameplay is really hard. You got climb walls with two buttons instead of one. You got to climb on the colossus and strike his weak spot. When you are on the colossus, you’d better hold on, otherwise you will have to climb it all over again. Lot of the times, the colossus will knock you off. That is what really pissed me off about this game. Another thing, there are no health packs, or any other item you need to patch you up. You have only a sword, bow, and horse. Which the horse will be in the way alot times. That horse will be in your face alot of times, but he dies. Should I cry, or be happy? I don’t know.

There are two problems with this game. The camera and the game is really lagging. The camera is really good, but it works too good. This game does lags much of time, but not all that bad. The PS3 version runs alot smoother but not the PS2. It would run smooth on XBOX original, but it not on the XBOX. This game is only for PlayStation platforms. The soundtrack is really good. It sound like the same people who did music for Soul Calibur. This game got a good soundtrack and I think it really good. This game is a great game to play and you have fun playing this game. You can find this game for the PS3, if you want to play the game smoother. You can find the PS2 copy on eBay, it expensive that’s where I got my copy. It hard to find the PS2 copy today. You try finding it in the game story, but it will probably won’t be there. Shadow of the Colossus a great game to play and you must play it.