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An enveloping and terrific Sci-Fi film that all the fans had been waiting for. It is full of passion and I don’t just mean the sexual kind. This was something that was made for the fans of Firefly the world over. We get to see the crew in action once again as the writers of the award-winning show tie up many of the loose ends that had us all scratching our heads as we speculated on what happened. We finally know what happened to River Tam (Summer Glau) and why Simon (Sean Maher) was so protective of her. This is science fiction filming done right and we are all sorry to see that they are not making more of the loved show. This was truly a thank you and love letter to the fans and for that we thank you Joss Whedon.

Things are not going so well for the crew and passengers of the Serenity, a Firefly class cargo ship that flies the ‘verse. Kaylee (Jewel Staite) does her best to make sure it stays flying even though they are low on funds, can’t find honest work and the crooked work is even getting scarce. It seems that the entire gorram ‘verse is out to get them as well as the Alliance, which Malcolm (Nathan Fillion) and Zoe (Gina Torres) hate. We know from the show and even some from the film that Mal and Zoe were Brown Coats during the war with the Alliance. They were also the heroes of the battle of Serenity Valley, hence the name for their ship. Because of their distaste and distrust of the Alliance they do not get the kinds of jobs that they would like and added into that they have 2 passengers/crew that make Alliance jobs impossible as well. Tensions are high and those same tensions are a reason why 2 former passengers, Shepherd Book (Ron Glass) and Inara (Morena Baccarin), left the ship all together to pursue a quieter life. Nothing is ever quiet in the verse with Mal around. He has a way of making sure everything gets stirred up.

The Tams are on the run from the Alliance and took up with the crew of the Serenity at the beginning of the Firefly series. River was being used as an experimental subject because of her high mental capabilities. She was being turned into a weapon both against her will and unknown to her family. Her brother Simon found out and spent his entire fortune to rescue her and get her away from the Alliance. Both are now fugitives from the government and will do anything to keep from going back to the core systems and certain death and slavery, at least as far as River is concerned. It is because River is a reader that an operative of the government (Chiwetel Ejiofor) has been sent after them and has been tasked to make sure the situation is silenced. He has unlimited resources and will do anything and kill anyone he needs to make sure that the job gets done. It is interesting to note that it is hinted that Derrial Book might have been an Operative before. That would explain why he knew as much as he did about the so-called secret assassins. I call them that because that is what they do and even Mal called the operative that at the Training House when he went to rescue Inara .

In the edges of the black of space there is an emptiness that is filled with Reavers, a group of people that the government emphatically say doesn’t exist. The problem is that they do and they raid the outer moons and planets all the time to take what they want and who they want. They are crazy, cannibals and rapists. The only way they are not interested in someone is if they are dead, they want you alive when they start to eat you and have their way with you. Sometimes, it is said, that they will do both at the same time. The only time they stop is when you are dead. No one knows where they came from but the government does and River knows something about it as well. It is her buried knowledge that has the government chasing her, not that she escaped them. They want to make sure that the knowledge that she possesses is never released and proven to the public. If the information buried deep inside her were to get out it would shake everyone’s faith in them and prove the opposition right.

This is a film that once you see it you will always come back to see it again. Joss did a wonderful job in showing us what happened to the crew of the Serenity and how it affects the ‘verse. You fall in love with the characters and I believe that even without seeing the series you will still fall in love with these characters. You can feel their emotions and pain as the film goes on. This is one film that will grab a hold of you and will not let go, not even after it ends.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆