Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

As a casual game player, I just can’t stand it when I want to try out a new game, only to find out that it is a sequel to a previous game I had never heard of. Such was the case with Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

We are in Thailand on some kind of adventure with our friend, someone we’ve gone on quests with before, when a local legend about an ill-fated demon comes back from its stony prison to exact revenge. It turns out, and this I did not know, you and your questing buddy have been through this kind of supernatural trial before on the other side of the world in Mexico. There are special secrets to be found by simply bending light and shadows, and as the Barenaked Ladies said, “It’s All Been Done”

Now that you’ve been able to enjoy that 3 and a half minute interlude, I can tell you that this game is deadly average, and will cure your insomnia. The light Southeast Asian style music is not unlike what you would hear while dining at Pho Noodle and Kaboodle, if you are lucky enough to give it a try, but you won’t be so lucky to stay awake while playing Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain.
It is hard enough to enjoy the game when you are pretty much coming in on the middle of a storyline, but add the dark greyish graphics and the way too relaxing music, and you’ve got a surefire snoozer at the click of a mouse. There are many great HMO and adventure games out there to download. This is not one of them.