Secrets of Olympus

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Some match 3 games do offer some really great challenges, but in Secrets of Olympus, the biggest challenge and secret was how to stay awake while playing this silly little game. The background music was so slow and lame that I thought that switching it off might make it easier to stay awake. I had been up since 4 A.M. in that test day, due to work schedules, but I had been playing Lord of the Rings Online for hours before, and had no problems at all. Secrets of Olympus sound is its greatest weakness.

There are two ways to play. You can switch out pieces or you can take them out in blocks on the grid. Either way is equally as boring. I did not even get through the one hour trial of this game, that’s just how boring it was. Maybe if I had shut off the sound and listened to Beach 95.1 online, I could have had some rockin’ retro tunes toplay by. At least the music would have been more interesting. All the classic themes that deal with “Olympus” were missing. No mythological gods or heroes, no titans or muses, just some puzzles and pillars. I was a big letdown.

According to a geology show I was watching, the southern part of Greece is moving under so much tectonic stress, that it may break off into islands and drift towards Libya in the next few million years. Maybe by the time that happens, I might complete the test of Secrets of Olympus.