Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Unlike many other match 3 puzzle games out there, Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow was a bit more refreshing in its gameplay mechanics. Instead of switching icons around to match up with a line of two or more similar ones like in Asami’s Sushi Shop, you merely have to find at least three icons that are the same in one area and click on them, and they just fall from the puzzle, automatically breaking any barriers like stone walls, fences and ice shields nearby. The premise of the story is that the Witch Crow is holding all the seasons’ month brothers and sisters hostage by using enchantments. Not having played the original game or its first sequel, I was a bit in the dark about what was going on here, so I might just have to backtrack and give them a try.

As it is, the Witch Crow uses various spells to hold those whom control the months, and also uses her minions to make sure they don’t escape, so not only are we breaking through the puzzles using jewels and swords, but also the tools given to us as we release each of the members of the magical family. We are also searching for those things that help us out or hold us back, like potions or crows, spellbooks, and other magical items, both dark and light. Each of these search puzzles comes as an intermission between some of the match 3 puzzles, and we are looking usually about 10 items that are the same. Sometimes they are easy to see, and sometimes they hide in the shadows. It’s a light magical game set in a fairytale world, and should not be taken too seriously. Most Match 3 puzzles work like this.

The graphics are very pretty, and there is just enough darkness to keep you wanting to continue on to see if you can bring down the Witch Crow. I’m not sure what her story is or how she was able to capture her enemies, but I’m off to check out the first two Season Match games to find out.