Season Match 2

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

The wizards and enchantresses that rule over the seasons and months are back, in Season Match 2, and this time, it is Prince January that is giving everyone a hard time. Again, a member if the colder climate times is wanting to hold the land hostage under an icy rule, but the Snow Queen has learned her lesson, and is going to undermine his actions. We are allied with Princess April, the niece of the Snow Queen, as she guides along to the castles of the other nobles to lesson January’s grip on his allies.

We start at April’s lovely Japanese-style castle, not only capturing jewels and other icons in match 3 mode, but in between grid puzzles, we are also doing light hidden object puzzles in which we search for matching items, as well as shadow matches where we find the dark silhouette of another object that matches it. After clearing out April’s castle, then we move on to Prince October’s wooden castle, and find he is in league with January, but by making sure he has access to certain artifacts, we persuade him to switch sides. Again, we meet with nature-loving Princess Springtime, and the same pattern emerges of match 3 grids and hidden objects. On every hidden object puzzle, there are also gold coins embedded, and they give us bonuses, too. Playing this game in times mode is worth it, because all that time saved gets added to your score.

This game is a vast improvement over the first Season Match, and is very enjoyable. After checking out all three games, it seems that each sequel is an improvement on the one before it. This is a cute series that could really continue. Not dark at all, a pretty relaxing, but don’t let that background music relax you too much. If you do find yourself slipping away, just shut off the music in the options, and crank up your favourite retro mix or even listen to you local radio station online while you play. Using these variations will make gameplay more personalised, and much more enjoyable.