Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy “Somethings’s bad! Black socks with sandals bad!”

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In 2005, Mainframe Entertainment deemed the original Scary Godmother such a success, that they decided to treat us with another tale of Hannah Marie and her fun monster friends from the Frightside. It has been a year, and that nasty Jimmy is still reeling from the comeuppance he received from Hannah’s Frightside friends the year before. Hannah’s revenge was well done, and he most definitely deserved what was coming to him, but he has been scared out of his wits for a whole year now. He has anti-monster traps in his room made of flashlights, and to avoid the monsters and skeletons in the closet, he just wears the same thing every day. As Katie, Derek, and Bert said, collectively, “EEW!”

Things a different a few streets over, Hannah has full access to the Frightside all year long, and occasionally, Bug-a-boo comes to visit, since he has scaring assignments in the neighborhood. Halloween is very close, and Hannah is in full holiday mode, but she still needs a little decorating help. She uses the key, and goes to see Scary Godmother. We now see the witch and her friends frantically getting read for the holiday, baking and brewing, but Scary Godmother is never too busy fora visit from Hannah. Another amazing Halloween party is in the works, and everyone is helping out. Even the royal vampire family are running errands to the “grossery store” for Scary Godmother. What the creatures of the Frightside do not know is that Jimmy has become such a Halloween Scrooge, that he means to make the holiday miserable in his little part of our world, and there will be massive repercussions on their side.

There is to be a Halloween party at the spookhouse, and everyone is invited, including Jimmy, but he’ll have nothing to do with it. In fact, he is doing his best to sabotage the plans Hannah and his other friends have for putting this party together. With every little thing Jimmy destroys, it becomes catastrophic on the Frightside, as parts of the world just vanish or collapse, but the Hannah comes up with something to fix what he has done, and everything is back to rights again. The Frightside runs on this rollercoaster ride for days. The vampire even come back to life, bright and blonde, and they hate it! Jimmy really has it in for those “big kids from last year” and means to undermine his friends party plans, even up until the last minute, but when Hannah puts her mind to it, she can outwit him at any angle, even when he unwittingly follows her to the Frightside for a huge Halloween gala.

Even though this show is only about an hour long, it has become a holiday tradition for many families, and young children absolutely love both stories. We are treated to the same voice cast as before, and Garry Chalk makes Harry the Werewolf even more obnoxious, and Scott McNeil’s Skully Pettibone is fabulously over the top with his little innuendos that will keep the parents giggling along with the kids. You just can’t miss this one.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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