Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular

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Yes, the favourite holiday of Musings is coming up very soon, and one of the best things is all the great family movies we get to see. Even though Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular came out eight years ago, it is still a classic, and always as much fun to see as it was the very first time. This story starts on a Halloween Night in what can be pretty much any town in English-speaking North America. We see the parents and older siblings escorting the younglings as they go trick-or-treating. The focus is on four particular trick-or-treaters, Jimmy, a devil, Katie, a black cat, Daryl, a piece of candy, and Bert, a professional baseball player driving his SUV. These guys have come up with some pretty creative costumes. Jimmy is a mischievous, arrogant devil of a boy who just wants everything to go his way when it comes to hanging out with his friends on this holiday. Jimmy has also been stuck taking his little cousin, Hannah Marie, out for trick-or-treats. Fairy princess Hannah has put a chink in his plans on hauling in as much loot as possible this year. He has devised a naughty plan to scare Hannah so he can join the other three for some Halloween hijinx.

Jimmy and his friend lure Hannah to the neighborhood “spookhouse”, and tell her that there are monsters in the basement. The only way to keep them from coming out and eating all the kids in the world is to throw some candy down there. They push her inside, and close the door behind her. She tosses a candy bar into the basement, then runs back to the door, only to have the older kids block her from getting out. She becomes upset and sits down on the floor and cries. This gets the attention of Hannah’s witchy Scary Godmother, and what starts out as a mean trick turns out the be Hannah’s best Halloween ever.

Scary Godmother takes Hannah to the Frightside, where Hannah meets with Scary Godmother’s broommates, Mr. Pettibone, the skeleton in the closet, and Bug-a-boo, the typical monster under the bed. Scary Godmother is having a Halloween Party, and Hannah has been invited. She also meets with Scary Godmother’s friends, a royal vampire family, Count Max, and his wife, Ruby, and son Orson. Orson is very happy to meet with Hannah, because there is finally another kid to play with at one of these parties. She also meets with Harry the Werewolf, a fat, effete wolfman who only thinks of food and all the ways he can steal it. Then there is Scary Godmother’s familiar, a ghost cat, The Boozle, who you’d best get out of the way of when he hacks up a “scareball”. Jimmy and his friends could only hope that things went so well for them.

Even though this program was made for Canada’s YTV, and is only 47 minutes long, it was also done by the premiere computer animation company, Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker). For those who were fans of ReBoot back in the day, you just can’t miss this show based on the books by Jill Thompson about the fun-loving fairy witch from the Frightside and Hannah Marie. The kids won’t be able to get enough of this great show, and you might want to make sure you get the sequel, Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy, and the books, because they will want to experience it all. Also, there is a little adult humour here and there to keep the parents interested, too, but if the kids ask questions about the innuendos, don’t be surprised.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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