Scarlet Blade

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Scarlet Blade is one of the best online MMO’s I had ever played. I love the gameplay, graphics, weapons, the fighting and the women. Mostly the women. The reason love the women in this game is because, they are dressed very scantily. They are sexy as Hell. I can’t stop playing this game. I know Guild Wars girls are pretty cute, but these girls make me want them. You are not playing as a male. You are just playing the female. When you are about to get started on this game, you will never want to stop playing this game. This game kind like Queen Blade meets HALO because the landscape reminds me the first HALO game and the girls remind me of Queen’s Blade because they are wearing almost nothing. There two parties to play, one good and one evil. The good sexy girls are the Royal Guards and the evil sexy girls are the Free Knights.

Royal Guards are kind of like the Guardians of Life. They’re like Jedis. They project the peace and save lives. Free Knights is darkness. So they are on the dark side. They want war and hatred, like the Republicans are doing. They make our lives miserable. The graphics in this are damn good. I liked the graphics so much, I can’t stop playing this game. The gameplay is way better than World of Warcraft and EverQuest is. The gameplay runs like Guild Wars and Forsaken World.

I played this game for two days and I can’t stop playing it. This game is from Aeria Games. Aeria Games does mostly MMO games, and I’m thinking they do some games on Facebook. I was going to play this game after dinner, but instead they did some maintenance. They said it will take 3 hours, then it would be up and running again. So, I just waited for 3 hours, took a shower, and start playing Rock Band. After 3 hours later, they are still doing some maintenance. The next day, they’re were done with some maintenance. Now I can play it again. I think HALO fans and Queen’s Blade fans will like this game. So if you’re a HALO fan or Queen’s Blade fan you will like this game or if you like game that shows girls running around half naked, you will like Scarlet Blade.