Sally’s Studio

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is the third in a time management series that started with Sally’s Salon, which I will test in a few days. I really had fun with Sally’s Studio, in which she took her business for getting people in shape and relaxing them at the same on a worldwide tour. We start in Denver, then move on to Rio, and to Vancouver, and that’s just the beginning. As our business progresses, we are able to hire more people to help us out, and gaining the income for upgrades is not all that difficult. Sometimes, Sally has to give her personal touch to help the patrons of her exercise studios.

She helps them warm up, teaches basic yoga positions, helps with light weight training, and sets up aerobic dance pads to the patrons’ customization. We get all kinds of patrons, from soccer moms to retirees and tourists, and you never know where they will show up. Whenever you get a new type of customer, the game lets you know what their basic personality traits are, so you can work your strategy around them to keep them upbeat and pleasant. You even get a personal speed boost every level by choosing different CDs. Sally’s Studio was lots of fun for me, and if you like time management games, then you most likely will enjoy the Sally series.