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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you are a fan of old school 2D games like the SNES’ Super Mario Brothers or Castlevania or Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog, then this cute little game is exactly what you are looking for! In this game, you play as a little salamander that has to get past many enemies and obstacles to get to your next level. You do have allies that help along the way, like the tasty jellyfish and frogs, but your enemies are far more numerous. There are spikes, bumblebee cats, eels, sea dragons, big one-eyed bubble things that block your way, birds, and puffer fish with tractor beams. Just about everything is out to get you!

This game asks you to choose a screen resolution before you can play, so choose what looks best for you. Also, it is mouse driven, not joystick driven, so it might be a little odd to those who are used to the old-style console game pads. There are some perks in this game. You see, the little salamander loves bubble cake, and when there is bubble cake at the end of a level, he goes into god mode to get it, just plowing through all those bee cats, birds, dragons,and just about anything else to get at it. Sadly, these levels are usually at the end of a run, so you only see them about every ten levels. Also, you can play in race mode against computer opponents, and your salamander is far less vulnerable to spike and enemies, since it is some of your enemies you will be racing. This is a three lap run, similar to that in the older Need for Speed games.

Salawander is a fun, but frustrating diversion, but it is quirky and cute, and if you are stuck in the 90s when it comes to video games, then this might just be what you are looking for, and I would not blame you a bit. The games really were better back then, and rarely did any of them involve looking down the scope of some kind of high tech gun, like most of the games do lately. If you can get past all those things that like to burst your safety bubble, or think your little salamander is the tastiest thing since bubble cake, then you’ll do fine.