Saints Row

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

The first Saints Row game was really hard. This game is about how saints were starting take over Stillwater and how the main character get blow up at the end of the game. The main thing to do in this is like the second game. You take over Stillwater and do some crazy activities. To start a mission you have to earn respect points before you can start a mission. In this game, you can’t play as a female characters like others Saints Row games. Lately, I’ve been playing this game 3-4 hours at a time, so I let the XBOX cool down about, watch some epsiodes of Attack on Titan, and play the game again. I’m playing the series in order.

The graphics in this game looks more like a PS2 game. If you look at John Cena from WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 from PS2 version and your main character, it looks like same graphics. This game should been on the PS2 instead 360. The graphics are not that bad, but it would look better on the PS2. I don’t why the developers can’t make this one PS2 & 360. So we only have it for the 360. I don’t think this game is coming to PS3. If they did, they would need to do work on the graphics and make players able to play as a girl or a guy because, I follow the anime rule (females in less armor, better protection, males in more armor, better protection :D).

There are some bugs & glitches in this game and the game lags sometimes. The gameplay almost look the same from the second game, but different. The gameplay runs more like the first Just Cause game which I’m going play again, but on 360 instead PS2, but not as good as Just Cause is. In Just Cause, you can fly airplanes and jump off the building and use the parachute. In this game you can’t. If they put this out for PS3, they would need to make the players able to fly airplanes and use parachutes like other games of series. The soundtrack in this game is gangsta. This is the music I listened to back then. I would get in trouble by listening to it because I was 13 and the music was full of cursing. There is some Goth music in this game. In the 2000’s goth & hip-hop were really popular. I like the music from 2000’s instead of today’s music.

This game has been around sense 2006, and we are at 2016, so this makes Saints Row the 10th Anniversary. If they remaster this game this year, they need to make it for all platforms, instead just PS4 & XBOX ONE. Is this game worth it to keep? If you fan of Saints, then yes! I’m a big fan of Saints Row and I would keep this one. If you are not, just rent it or see if a friend has it. If want to learn more about the Saints, just play this game. This game will show how the Saints got started.