Sailor Moon Super S

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SailorMoonSuperSSailor Moon Super S is the fourth season of Sailor Moon. This time, the girls are fighting a new enemy. The new enemy is The Dead Moon Circus. They came to earth to find the holder of the golden mirror and find a white horse named Pegasus. The holder of the golden mirror is Rini. Rini meets Pegasus in her dreams. The leader of the Dead Moon Circus is Queen Nehellenia.

Queen Nehellenia is ruler of the Dead Moon Circus. She wants to rule over the Moon Kingdom. She is not all that pretty. She get very mean looks to everyone. I wish she was in HALO, because Master Chief will have charges against her. This is the girls last year of junior high school. Rini found herself a new best friend. Rini’s best friend is a horse. This anime sounds like it came out of a fairy tale book. The girls have gotten some new powers this time. The powers they had before was in the first season. They are stronger and more powerful than before. The new powers have upgraded their Sailor Senshi outfits as well. The new outfits look cute on them. There is one episode that was funny. That one was when Serena was smelling home made lemon pie. When she went the kitchen, Rini and her brother ate up the lemon pie. It is funny when Serena is freaking out. She was rolling over the floor. She will stop doing that if some give her a piece of lemon pie. She loves to eat, so she will not stop eating. If she smells the food, she will go after it. The others girls like Amy, Mina, Lita, and Raye, are trying to find dates. Those girls are trying find boyfriends, but for me, I am still trying to find a girlfriend.

On the few last episodes, Queen Nehellenia covered the world of darkness. She was using spider webs to cover the world in darkness. Sailor Moon the others must fight the evil and bring back the light. Could the girls save earth from darkness? Find out when you are watching Sailor Moon Super S. This season of Sailor Moon is like a G rated of Twisted Metal with out the guns, rocks, and trucks. These villains like to go after the dream miners. They like to look at people’s dreams so they can find Pegasus. Queen Nehellenia wants Pegasus, so she can have more power inside her. If you liked the last season of Sailor Moon, you will like this one.