Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

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sailor moon super starSailor Moon Sailor Stars is the last season of the Sailor Moon series and it is the fifth season of the series. This season about evil Sailor Soldiers who came from outer space, and they are looking for the true star seed. Their leader is Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Galaxia is after the true star seed so she can take over the galaxy. She is looking pretty hot, but she killed my favorite girl. Her name Sailor Venus and I will never forget what Sailor Galaxia did to her. If Sailor Galaxia was in Modern Warfare 3 I will get revenge.

This anime never came to U.S. So, it stayed in Japan and if you watch it, the Japanese version is way better than the English version. The reason the Japanese version looks better is because it looks clearer than the English version. When I watch the English version of SuperS, it was too blurry. That is why I like the Japanese version. This anime show some slight sexual themes. Because this anime shows some sexual themes, Sailor Moon is naked at the last episode. That is the reason why this anime never came to the US. Sailor Moon is missing her boyfriend Tuxedo Mask. He had to go to New York, but Sailor Galaxia got him and she took his star seed. Sailor Moon missed him so much. She wants him come back, but Sailor Galaxia got him.

There are three more sailor soldiers and there the good sailor soldiers. They are girls, but they are in disguise. They are the Sailor Starlights, and their names are Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer. They are on planet Earth look for their Princess. Her name is Princess Kakyuu. Princess Kakyuu looks damn hot, and holds the true star seed. Sailor Galaxia got to her as well. Damn it! Why are the pretty girls are been taken away or getting killed?

I wish Makarov and Sailor Galaxia would just switch because I want to kill Sailor Galaxia in Modern Warfare 3. This is good anime to watch, but I liked Sailor Moon R better than any of the others seasons of Sailor Moon. If you never saw this season of Sailor Moon you will like it. As I was saying, Sailor Moon R is better than any other of the Sailor Moon seasons and Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie is better than the other Sailor Moon movies.