Sailor Moon S: The Movie

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sm-sSailor Moon S: The Movie is like a Christmas movie. In this movie, Luna the cat is in love. In the beginning of the movie, Luna was feeling so sick, so she had to go home. On her way home, she almost got hit by a car. So, this young man that Luna in love with saved her. His name is Kakeru. Kakeru took Luna to his home and took care of her. There is a villain trying to destroy Kakeru slowly. This villain name is Princess Snow Kaguya.

She is trying to freeze the earth. Her snow dancers are mean and dangerous. Like guys from Saints Row: The Third, these girls aren’t girls. Well, they are girls really, but there not really good girls. There snow aliens. Snow dancers are aliens used by Princess Snow Kaguya, the snow dancers appears as identical pure-white women in dresses. They don’t talk at all. They sing mostly. Sailor Moon and the others are trying save the Earth, but Princess Snow Kaguya is strong and more powerful. Hell! I think she more powerful than the Jedi! She will freeze them.

This anime film is most about Luna. Some on the girls, but not all the time. Luna will turn into a human later on in this anime. She look cute in the human form. Luna sounds like one of voice actors from Oblivion. She sounds like one of imperial women. The voice actor who did Luna is Jill Frappier. She did Jane and the Dragon, Sailor Moon series, and Hello Kitty. I don’t care much about Hello Kitty, but I did watch Jane and the Dragon. I know there are many of bad voice actors in this anime. The voice actor of Sailor Moon is Terri Hawkes. She did voice of Sailor Moon in the first 2 season. This movie is pretty good but I like the 3rd Sailor Moon movie better. This does got some action, but this anime movie is mostly Luna falling in love with a human. This isn’t for American kids, as there is some slight nudity. For some reason Japanese parents and kids are not offended by it. This anime is mostly for teenage girls. I liked the third movie better because it has some action and it was funny. So, if you want watch something for the holiday, this is movie you need to watch.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆