Sailor Moon S

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sailor moon sSailor Moon S is kind of like Kingdom Hearts. Instead of the Heartless in this anime, they are called Death Busters. The Death Busters are stealing pure hearts from people. Raye had a dream that the is coming the end or the world is near. There are three new sailor soldiers in this anime. The five new sailor soldiers are Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto, Sailor Mini Moon, and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Mini Moon is Rini. Rini is now a sailor soldier, but in training. She came back form the future for sailor soldier training. Serena is not too happy about it. She have stick with her for a while. Rini is a little brat. She wants everything done her way. She wants to spent more time with Darien, and he feels so sorry that he got stuck with them when they are fighting. Those two act like sisters, but they don’t act like sisters. They act like the people of Congress.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are cousins but, they didn’t act like cousins. They act like a loving couple. Sailor Uranus is dresses like a man and she doesn’t act like she love boys. Sailor Neptune loves play music and loves art as well. Those two are lesbians. There real names are Amara and Michelle. Sailor Uranus is the 7th Sailor Solder and Sailor Neptune is 8th Sailor Solder. Pluto is know as Trista. She is the 9th Sailor Solder and the guardian of time. You have seen her from the last season but, this time she is helping the Sailor Soldier to fight evil. Sailor Saturn is the 6th sailor soldier and she is know as Hotaru. She is the leader of the Death Busters. She got some kind of demon inside of her. Some thing inside is know as the Mistress 9. The Mistress 9 want to covered the into darkness. Sailor Moon got some new powers and she must use to defect the Death Busters and the Mistress 9. Could she defeat the Death Busters and Mistress 9 and save the world from darkness? Find out when you watch Sailor Moon S.