Sailor Moon

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Sailor_Moon_(1st_uniform)Sailor Moon is one of first animes I ever watched. I watched it when I was a little kid. When I would come home from school, Sailor Moon was on. I still watch it today and it is one of my favorite animes to watch.

I like this anime because it is a superhero show, and I like the girls running around miniskirts on. I like those girls, but I wish they where a little bit older instead of fourteen. These girls in this anime are fourteen years old, but they look 20 years old. This anime is about a young teenage girl named Serena, but in Japan, her name is Usagi (rabbit). She is awful at just about everything, gets bad grades at school, loves playing video games, loves to read comic books, and likes to eat sweets. I am surprised that she doesn’t get fat at all.

In the first episode, she is saving a cat from bunch of little kids. Those little kids were teasing the cat. The cat name is Luna. Luna is a talking cat, and she has a moon crest on her forehead. Luna gave a big button thing to Serena. The big button thing is what Serena uses to transform into Sailor Moon. Later on, she meets Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and my favorite girl, Sailor Venus. The real name is Raye, Lita, Amy, and Mina but in Japan there names are Rei, Makoto, Ami, and Minako.

Raye works at a temple with her grandfather. Amy always wanting to study and get better grades so she can become a doctor. Mina wants to be superstar and she has a cat like Serena’s, but this cat is a boy. His name is Artemis. He a white talking cat. He loves Luna, but Luna didn’t even know it. All five of them are in a group they are call the Sailor Scouts, but in Japan, they are called the Sailor Senshi.

Their job is to stop Queen Beryl and evil Dark Kingdom villains and protect the Galaxy. Queen Beryl looks like dark version of Nicki Minaj with red hair. When Sailor Venus died in this show, I got upset and I started playing Killzone or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and turning up the sound so I can get my revenge from Dark Kingdom. This is a good anime to watch. If you watched Power Ranger before, you will like Sailor Moon. There is a live action Sailor Moon out there, but I don’t like it. I like the anime version better. So, if you love to watch anime, you will like Sailor Moon.