Review: Sahara – Film based on Clive Cussler book

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This film has the talents of Mtthew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt with Steve Zahn and Penelope Cruz backing him up in this wild adventure in search of a sunken confederate ship that is actually covered by sand in a dry riverbed up the Niger River. The film is based on a Clive Cussler novel of the same name.

The film opens up with a view of what could only be Dirk’s cabin on a NUMA ship that is recovering the stone sarcophagus of a dead king off the coast of Nigeria. This film is full of intrigue and excitement and with it falling short of Cussler’s expectations the book mut be fantastic. I do hope another director and producer can talk him into letting them do a film the way that Cussler would like to see it done. That would be one hell of a film just the works that I have read from him.

Well back to the film, as I said the intro shows tons of information about an old confederate ship, clippings, models, notes and more all over the place. Dirk definitely has a thing for this ship. Well, as he is swimming just of the coast he sees a pretty girl (Penelope Cruz) being attacked by 3 men. He rushes in and saves the day and takes her back to the ship after she passes out. That is what sparks everything that happens in the film with her.

Dirk finds a gold coin from the ship by some shady means and then when he finally persuaded the NUMA admiral to go look for the ship he winds up taking the doctors up steam to Mali to check out a sickness that is killing people. Little do both the doc and Dirk know but the answer to both of what they are looking for is in the same place. It is on the dried up river bank in the middle of the desert.

This is a film that is like a roller coaster that picks you up and then drops you down for the ride of your life. I think it is a must see for those that like intrigue, history and the water and of course a beautiful woman. This film has it all and I have watched it many times over and you will want to as well.