RV : 8 Wheels. 1 Family. No Brakes.

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Bob Munro (Robin Williams) is a great sales pitchman for Pure Vibe soda, and he is very much used to the upper middle class lifestyle he enjoys, but his family, Jamie (Cheryl Hines), Cassie (Jojo), and Carl (Josh Hutcherson) has been growing apart over the years. The kids are now in their teens, and have their own lives, and Bob rarely gets to see them any more. Bob has promised his family a vacation in Hawaii, but after a mishap at a social function for the company in which Cassie’s friend, Gretchen (Veronika Sztopa) slimes Bob’s boss, Todd Mallory (Will Arnett) in a protest, Bob’s job is on the line unless he can come up with a presentation that will floor the owners of Alpine Soda. Todd gives Bob a tight deadline to come up with a pitch to get Alpine to merge with Pure Vibe. The Hawaii vacation has been scrubbed, because Bob needs to be in Boulder, Colorado for the meeting, or he will lose his job to Laird (Richard Cox), a green little corporate weasel that Todd thinks is the hip new mind that can move his company forward.

The trip to Hawaii has to be scrubbed, but Bob comes up with an idea that will save both the vacation and his job at the same time. He rents a huge RV, and declares that they are all going to drive to Mount Watson, for a real Colorado Rockies campout. Along the way, they have many mishaps, like tearing apart the neighborhood lawns as they try to leave Pasadena, running over shopping carts, which damages their parking brakes. Later on they enounter other problems which other RV vacationers find rather entertaining, like the draining of the sewage after receiving advice from two guys who are a couple of wrenches short of a toolbox, from the “great big rolling turd” as the green monster of an RV they are driving becomes nicknamed. Bob has to fight off invading racoons with a stink bomb, and all the while, he is secretly trying to write his presentation for the Alpine merger, which leaves little time for sleep.

They encounter the Gornickes, Travis (Jeff Daniels), Mary Jo (Kristin Chenoweth), Earl (Hunter Parrish), Moon (Chloe Sonnenfeld), and Billy (Alex Ferris), a full-time road family that is on a perpetual tour of the roads of the US. They are sweet, resourceful, and from first impressions, clingy, and not so bright, but it is the Gornickes that keep saving the Munros from their own misadventures in so many ways. As the Munros come closer together through these odd bonds and Bob is frantically trying to save his job, the “great big rolling turd” takes much abuse from taking on roads it was not made for, and finally splashing into a lake, but somehow, Bob never gives up trying to save his job.

This is a fun family movie that really never lets up on the laughs, and some parts might have you in tears from laughing so hard. The critics hated it, and it even ended up on the Rotten Tomatoes list, but when you see what kinds of movies the critics actually like, you wonder where they are getting their information from. Apparently, these people are so caught up in their artsy world, they forgot what it is like to laugh and have fun. That is something you will never run out of with RV. It might not be a sun-soaked day at the themepark, but you will be howling just as much. So plump up the pillows, and take to the open roads of the American West with the Munros anytime.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆