Royal Riddles – A confusing mosaic of a game

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Today we are looking at the game Royal Riddles, available from Big Fish Games.

The learning curve on this game is rather steep for a casual game, especially when you are used to other types of games that tend to give you step by step hands on tutorials and help. In this game you are given a grid that you must then either block or keep open depending on the information that is given on the edges of the board. The tutorial that you are sped through tells you to click on certain blocks but does not explicitly tell you why. It is a very confusing game to start out with.

There are help informations in the options of the game that are almost as bad as reading stereo or DVD player instructions, but those I would understand. They are not intuitive at all and once you do figure it out, I had to ask my wife for guidance since she had played those kinds of games before, you realize that it is a mosaic game that plays a lot like Sudoku would be played.

The way that the game works is that on the outer edges, the top and the left, you have sets of numbers. Those sets of numbers indicate which blocks are supposed to be checked or selected. Each set has to be separated by blocked or open spaces. (Blocked spaces are actually open spaces, it is just a visual so that you don’t select those spaces) If you think of Sudoku you then are able to easily realize how this game is actually played. It is challenging and when you have the game level or board completed you have a mosaic or picture that your selected blocks make.

I would not recomend this game to those that have never played a mosaic game or Sudoku as it will confuse the hell out of you. If you are a person that has played these games before or you are willing to take your time to read the instructions and play the tutorial levels a few times or a dozen they you will enjoy the game. Once a person understands how the game is played you will find that it is a rather enjoyable way to pass the time as it challenges your mind to see that patters that are formed. It challenges you in a spacial way and to be able to look in several places at once to find the solution to the current puzzle in Royal Riddles, available from Big Fish Games.