Royal Envoy 2 Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

This new addition to the Playrix Entertainment game line up is a delight to play and fun as well. Originally, according to the making off in the game, this was intended to be an add on to the first hit. With all the changes that went into the game mechanics of the game and the new resources that were made it was determined to be its own stand along game. So you will not have to have the first game Royal Envoy to be able to play this one. If you do have the first one you will want thins one as well.

One of the major changes in this game from the first is that you no longer have to worry about using tax collectors. When any resource is available to be collected all you have to do is click on it. This is true with food (a new resource), wood or gold. Food shows up on the screen as a cross between an apple and a berry, gold as a coin that looks like a piece of candy and wood shows up as a fat short log. All the icons give the game a charm and appeal that anyone can love from kids to those that no longer are but want to act as one now and then. Just that one change to the game makes things so much easier but that is not the only change. Gone is the relaxed mode where you either get a gold star or you don’t. Now you are timed and depending on how quickly you get the job done will determine how many stars you will get. There are three stars available that you can get each level and each area will show you how many stars in total there are for that area.

As with the first Royal Envoy game you are able to go back and redo levels to try and get a better score or more stars. Something that you might want to consider as with more stars attained you will unlock more levels at the end of the game. Since this is a collector’s version of the game you can play so much more then just the standard adventure and the games guild is built right into it to use when ever you need to. With the Royal Envoy 2 Collector’s Edition of the game you get great extras like the full soundtrack that you can play with your favorite music player and even a full set of wallpapers that you can use. If ever given the option of getting a collector game from Playrix you definitely should do it.

As with the first game each level is it’s own town that you have to build and manage. When you first start it is rather simple, collect the wood and build some cottages and then upgrade them. No longer is it a three part upgrade but just an upgrade. They really wanted to make the game flow better then the last and the improvements do make the game more fun and at times even more challenging like adding puzzles and mazes for you to do along the way. Royal Envoy 2 Collector’s Edition is intended to draw you into the game and keep you fully entertained for as long as you are playing it and with the cut and fun soundtrack the music will never just put you to sleep like in some other games.

This time around in the game you are going to be in several different environments from the tropics to the arctics, with each area having its own guide and representative for you to deal and interact with. You still have Cedric to guide you along your way and give you needed advice and will even run into some of the more loveable characters from the first one. It is up to you to help Middleshire once again prosper and be a jewel in the kings crown and kingdom. Do you have what it takes to be the perfect Royal Envoy and town builder?