Royal Envoy

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Ever play one of those games that you just don’t want to quit playing? Royal Envoy is just such a game as you don’t want to stop and when you do have to stop you find yourself thinking, “NOOOOooooooo!!!!”. It really is that fun to play. You are contracted by the King and the royal advisor to rebuild the island towns after a terrible storm. At first the king could care less until it is explained to him that if it were not for the islanders and the coming rainy season he would not have the finer things in his throne room. It really isn’t till it is explained to him that his shoes are made by the islanders that he really comes around and appoints you to make sure that the towns are rebuilt before the rainy season. He really doesn’t want to be without his favorite shoes. This is one game that you are going to find yourself wanting to play again and again.

Each level of the game is for a different town. At the beginning of each level you are given a list of tasks that have to be completed for that town. The tasks can range from having to build a certain number of houses to having them upgraded with all the amenities to make them more comfortable. The more upgraded they are the happier the residence and the more rent that can be collected from each house. You also are able to build markets, sawmills, smithies, banks and more depending on what town you are playing. You do have to be careful where you place the commercial and industrial properties as they can have a negative effect on the houses. If the people are not happy you just might not be able to reach your goal and the gold star. If you don’t get the star don’t worry as you can keep playing the game or town till you have all that is needed for that level, you just wont have the star. If you just have to have that star for your own personal satisfaction then you can just go back and play that level till you do get the star.

The game challenges you with both time and resources and sometimes even with interesting and unscrupulous characters that you have to buy off. Sometimes you think you are not going to be able to have enough time or resources to get the job done. To help you with this you can hire more workers and even sell off resources in the markets so that you will have enough coin to complete your projects and jobs. So not only are you managing time but resources and people as well. Another nice and interesting thing about this game is the amount of detail that went into the graphics for the game. Almost everything is animated and it isn’t even a 3D game but rendered graphics with sometimes a cartoon feel but done so well that they even have your name that you choose animated as well. Not many games would go that far to please your senses. The music is even done in a way to draw you into the game and keep you going.

All I can say is that this game is going to make you laugh and keep you entertained for hours on end. When you have to stop playing it will make you sad that you can’t keep going with the fun that you were having. It is even more fun to go back and play the levels again just to see how much better you can do with actually knowing the game better. This is going to challenge your mind and senses in a way that most games just do not do.