Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Hydora Campaign

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This DVD with the compiled episodes dealing with the Hydora Campaign picks up right where Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles – The Pluto Campaign left off. The Federation now knows that the bug are not native to Pluto and they are trying to find out where they do actually come from. To do this they send ships out on paths that would match the transport bugs trajectory so that they can follow it to the bugs destination. At first they do not have any luck at all finding the bug until Gossard goes to Razak and then the commander of the Rodger Young to tell them why that they have not been able to find it. It is his theory that something that was the size of a small moon would leave a gravitational marker on any system that it would pass through. Fleet Intelligence did not take any of that into consideration and the commander of the Rodger Young was very put off that someone would even question Fleet, especially a MI soldier. Not wanting to seem as if he was not willing to listen he has the navigation officer put in the new information and then they find the transport bug right away. The commander just grimaces and has the ship change course and send the new coordinators to the rest of Fleet Operation Command so that all the other ships would be able to meet up at the same location.

It is the Roughnecks that are first to drop the planet Hydora to do recon for Fleet Operations. Even though Hydora is a water planet with oxygen in the atmosphere it is also saturated with high concentrations of water. Breath too much of the air and you will drown within 3 minutes or so, even with the oxygen in the air. As the transport ship starts its decent to the planet they pick up the trail fo the transport bug and follow it down. They need to see if this is just a base of operations or if it is the bugs home planet. They quickly find out that it is just a way point and hatchery for the Rippler bugs that they found on Pluto and a way for the transport bug to refuel. Rico, Carl and Higgins got to find out up close and personal just how big the inside of the transport bug really can be when they get chased into it by Ripplers and Warrior bugs. It really is amusing how they get out of the bug by way of a waste orifice, though the exit point didn’t look anything like what you would expect something of that size and space flight capabilities to have. I guess not having an actually bug that looks like that to compare with has some draw backs on reality.

There are not all that many mistakes with the film though the water rendering at times could have been better but it was and is still better then a lot of renderings of water that you see now in both film and video games. The special effects crew on this film made sure to get everything as smooth and realistic as they could with the technology of the times. Some of the effects that they do are even better then some of the ones that you see in so called B movies of today. Some even better then premium A list films that are being released. They set the benchmark for things to only get better and movie goers everywhere need to thank them for how they pushed the industry and technology forward in that respect.

In the Hydora Campaign we also get to see feelings start to change between different characters as well as new hates and misunderstandings. We see Rico start to take point and leadership of smaller groups as if Razak is grooming him for something more. As to the feelings we see Rico start to become more jealous of Dizzy’s affections to Gossard and his need to impress Carmen at almost any opportunity. This in itself has Dizzy rather pissed at Rico for what she calls showboating and acting irresponsible. At first she can’t even stand the through of Carmen but later seems to smoothing things over especially after Carmen actually saves her life. As to misunderstandings, Brutto and Rico are constantly at odds with each other after Carl’s suit is hit by a new bug, Kamikaze Ripplers, causing his suit to corrode and burn Carl causing him to not be able to do anything due to the massive amount of pain that he is in. So as you can see frictions are getting higher between all the members of the team and you wonder how it is that they can even get things done the way that they bicker back and forth.

There is something new on this planet as well and I am not talking about the presence of the Kamikaze Ripplers or their Alien looking mother. There is something on the planet that is controlling the bugs, leading them to do what they do and the Roughnecks have to find what it is and deal with it before they can ever clean out Hydora completely.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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