Rock Band

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

If you love rock, metal, goth, or most other kinds of popular music, you will like Rock Band. Rock Band doesn’t use a controller to play the game. Rock Band uses the guitar, a bass guitar, a drum set, and a microphone. I’m good at the guitar. I knew how to play the Rock Band guitar because I had played Guitar Hero at Wal-Mart on the PlayStation 2. The first time I played Guitar Hero I was sucky at it but, went I had gotten better at it, I started liking Guitar Hero.

When I got Rock Band, I was playing this game like crazy. I like Rock Band better than Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is ok but, Rock Band has better songs than Guitar Hero. This game doesn’t have a storyline. So, you’re just playing this game for fun. You will never beat this because, you just can’t beat this game. You can play by yourself, play with friends, play with girlfriend (I wish I had a girlfriend), or you can play with your family. Me and my parents play this game alot. I used to play this game during the summer. During the summer, my friends would come over, and we would just play this game all the time, but today we are just playing Call of Duty and some other games. Rock Band does not have guns or blood. Rock Band uses musical instruments. When you’re playing some the songs in this game, they will stuck in your head all day.

The graphics in this game are pretty good. Rock Band graphics are way better than Guitar Hero graphics. Guitar Hero graphics are ok, but Rock Band looks better than Guitar Hero. The gameplay is pretty good. The gameplay will make you dizzy if you play it for hours and hours, so be warned. If you have friends coming over to your place and if you have 2 guitars, 1 drum set, and 1 microphone, you and your friends will like the band tour. Band Tour is like playing solo. If you can go cities to cities, you will get more songs if you play the Band Tour. If you had played Guitar Hero in the past, you will like Rock Band. This game is good for your friends, family, and your girlfriend. The kids will like this game so much. They will not have to fight over a game ever again. They will have good time playing this game. So if you want something for your family, play Rock Band. This game will make you as a Rock Star.