Rock Band 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Rock Band 2 has the same graphics and gameplay from the first Rock Band game. In this Rock Band game you can play the tour by yourself. So, you don’t have to wait on friends to come over and play with you. In the first Rock Band game, you have to have some friends to come over and play the tour with you, but in this Rock Band game you can make your own band. You can put your own character in your own band. My band is similar to Versailles Philharmonic Quintet . I wish they put Versailles songs on Rock Band. If they did, I would be rocking like crazy. If they do that, the songs will be harder to play.

My band has 3 girls and 1 dude. The 3 girls play the guitar, microphone, and the drums. The one dude he is playing the bass. My character names are Jossyline, Anne, Sarsha, and Will. Jossyline is play the microphone and she looks one of those Japanese Goth Anime Girl. Anne has the same thing that Jossyline is wearing. Sarsha is playing the drums and she dresses like a vampire hunter. Will he is like the Kamijo Yuuji. I called my band name Vampire of Blood, because the characters dress up like vampires from the 1700’s. This game will take you quiet a long time to beat. Rock Band 2 is way better than the first Rock Band game. This one has more songs than the first ever did, and it had some pretty good songs. This got the songs I like. There one song is sounds like it is from the first Doom game. The song is call Painkiller by Judas Priest.

The first time I played that song, I was like “it sounds like Doom.” The song sounds way better than Doom. Doom and it came out the same year I was born and it is a old game. You have to use the same instruments from before. If you got the whole set, you will get a better drums, a better guitar, and a better microphone. The graphics are still the same from the first Rock Band game and the gameplay still the same as well before. If you play the first Rock Band game, you will like this alot better than the first one. I still don’t have the time or patience to play the 84 song setlist. Rock Band 2 is alot cheaper now. So you can get now.