Roads of Rome II

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Roads of Rome 2 brings us a little further down the line in the story of General Victorius and his mate, Julia. Her Imperial father, the Casesar, has been poisoned, and it is up to Victorius to find the build a road to the realm of the gods to save Caesar while Julia stays home to nurse her father and keep him alive. Roads to Rome II features the same road building play as Roads to Rome, but there are few new twists along the way, such as greedy, bribe-taking barbarians, geologically unstable mountains and volcanoes, and new montrous animals that spook your workers. The journey to the Realm of the Gods of dangerous, but you will find many resources along the way to keep your workers’ spirits up, and make Caesar well again.

If you enjoy building and time management games, or even Classical history, the Roads of Rome series is a great way to while away some hours. Enjoy yourself while saving the Empire with Roads of Rome II, and take on the challenge of making sure that all Roads lead to Rome.