Roads of Rome

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Join General Victorius out in the wilds of the Roman Empire as you take on Caesar’s ambitious construction project, build all the roads that will lead to Rome! Little does the general know that this project is also Caesar’s way of keeping him away from Julia, the general’s true love who just also happens to be Caesar’s daughter. Go from the lush hills of Tuscany into the frozen north, and into geologically unstable areas as you take your crew all over the empire to build the original information highway.

Your little crew takes on new challenges and gets new projects with every new level, runs into scary predators like hungry wolves and polar bears, clears away rockslides, mines for gold, and builds support projects, like farms, forts, and quarries. The barbarian wilds are a fearful place for a simple Roman construction worker, but these little guys will make their quota with your help. Hurry up, and bring the general home so he can be with his Julia again. Along the way, you will be treated to other kinds of puzzle games, like Collapse, just to name one. Roads of Rome takes Time Management games into a new direction, and still leaves you wanting more.

Take your first step on the Roads of Rome right now, and make the Empire yours.