Roads of Rome III

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

We are back again with the city builder series Roads of Rome, and in this chapter, General Victorius and his bride, Julia, are expecting their first child, but yet again Caesar has a new building task for the general as Viking hordes are tearing through the empire, setting everything ablaze, and doing their best to give the Romans a good scare, and an even better reason for moving out. Caesar won’t have it, and he’s not about to give out the recipe for his salad dressing. Victorius and his team of workers are sent out to clean up the mess, and what a mess these Vikings have made!

So now we see the clean up team getting back into action, building sawmills, farms, water pumping stations, and quarries. They fill roads, fight fires, build bridges, and clear debris. Every once in awhile a viking might pop up to give them a good scare, but since you are the game operation director (G.O.D.), you can scare away that barbarian with a few good clicks. Try to get everything done by sundown, and you get expert bonuses. This time around, your team also has access to a cobble that makes speedy shoes, and when one of the worker peeps collects them, all of them get a speed boost.

The only problem I had with the this was the time allotted to get the expert bonus score. In some levels, there was so much to do, that if you had any kind of distractions, you’d lose time, and your strategy to get things done before dark. Each level awarded you with new buildings to help speed things along, so the further along you go, the more stuff you had to work with, but you still only have three workers, so keeping track of everything can get a little crazy. This installment of the Roads of Rome series is lots of fun, and bringing in the viking element added something really fun. It would be very interesting to see how far along the lines of Imperial history this game can go.