Riverdance Live From New York City

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Skirts, Legs, Tights Oh My! Riverdance tours the world and makes videos of the very best of their productions and the one that they recorded at Radio City Music Hall in New Your City is one of their best and one of their best DVDs. There is nothing that can be said wrong about this production except that they should have changed the taps on the Flamenco dancer (Maria Pages)’s shoes or add more wood to the sounding stage. She was attacking the floor to try and get some sound. Later in the show it does seem that they either gave her new shoes or added more mettle taps so that they could be heard properly. Seriously, that was the only problem with the show that I could see.

The Riverdance members did an excellent job with this production, you could feel the energy coming from them as they danced for all to see, hear and love. The show is a story about dance and how the Celts, namely the Irish have influenced rhythm and dance where ever they may go. Even Flamenco was touched by the Celts since where the dance comes from is one of the routes that were used to get to Ireland. This show just makes you want to get up on the stage with them and dance even if you don’t know how. The music and energy from this one show is that powerful.

The lead dancers Jean Butler and Colin Dunne make the stage come alive as they fill the area with powerful leaps and powerful sounds from their Irish dance shoes hitting the floor. With every click, tap and stomp you are pulled into the performance and you wont even want to pause it for any reason at all. You want to see what happens next, you want to feel what is happening and savor it like a good vintage of wine or a fine Irish whiskey or Scotch. You just don’t want it to end. Each and everyone of the dancers pour their hearts into the performance and you can see it every time that they pause. When they do stop you see they are working to control their breath and let their muscles cool down and relax. If anyone thinks that what they do is easy then you have never been a dancer. It is hard work and the work has paid off for this group.

The music and vocals for this production fill your heart with longing for everything Irish. The sounds fill your soul and may even bring a tear to your eyes if you truly listen to the lyrics of the songs performed by the talented singers. The band for the show were spectacular as well as they wove the tunes in and around both the dancers and the audience. With their unique blend of Irish instruments, country favorites and orchestra refinements and drums you are given a powerful soundtrack that is living and vibrant. The violinist Eileen Ivers was especially lively and it seemed that she was playing for you personally. When she took the stage she just could not stay still. She had to move and stop right along with the tunes that she played. No wonder they had her is noise reducing gum soled boots. If she had any other kind of shoe on it would have reverberated across the stage and into the tap mics. She enjoyed what she was doing that much.

The participants in this one show narrated by Liam Neeson were in love with the stage and all those that were watching. They made sure that you didn’t want to look away by using interesting stage lighting and sets to make you feel that you were right in the middle of what they were showing to you. This is one production that you are always going to cherish for years to come. If your ever able to see them live, do so, you will not be disappointed.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆