Rise of the Guardians – Legends unite

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Rise-of-the-Guardians-Blu-ray-CoverKids have been believing in legendary immortal beings for centuries, but when an evil spirit is out to crush those feelings, it is time for them all to call on their strengths to make sure the kids don’t stop believing. First, a little history. Jack Frost (Chris Pine) wakes up from what looks to be a drowning in a frozen pond. When he comes to, he suddenly has lots of energy, but no memory of whom he is, except for the name, which was given to him by The Man in the Moon, and the fact that he can wreak havoc with wild winter fun for kids by bending ice and snow to his whim. You see is now a Guardian, one of the immortal souls that keeps the hopes and dreams of children alive, whether it be on a seasonal or even a nightly basis. Along with Jack are North (Alec Baldwin), but he goes by many different names around the globe, such as Santa Claus, and there is Bunny (Hugh Jackman), a master of underground stealth when it comes to spring tidings. Also, there is Tooth (Isla Fisher) a fairy that gives cash for bicuspids, that runs a nightly operation and over sees thousands of other, minor fairies as they search for lost teeth. Another immortal that does his job nightly is Sandy, the server of childhood dreams. All their work is being undermined by an evil spirit, Pitch (Jude Law), Also known as The Boogeyman, and Jack is focusing his strength on the town of Burgess and one kid that keeps on believing in the legends, no matter what. That kid is Jamie Bennet (Dakota Goyo).

Jamie is really into mysteries, like Bigfoot, and Nessie, and he even keeps trying to see Tooth, and his little sister, Sophie (Georgie Grieve) agrees with Jamie on just about everything. When Jack sets up a snowball fight between Jamie and his friends, he gets a little carried away, and set Jamie on a wild sled ride through the town, only to have Jamie lose a tooth at the end. Jack does not know why no one can see him, except for those he works with. The Man in the Moon has other plans for Jack, as he is to be the Guardian that can possibly defeat Pitch.

North’s workshop is settled in the wilderness of northern Russia, and from here, he can see how all things concerning the kids they watch over are happening over the globe. When a glittery dark sand covers the globe, it is time for action, and he calls in the Guardians. This is when The Man in The Moon makes his choice, although no one seems to agree on it. Soon, Jack is going to show the world exactly what he is made of when Pitch kidnaps Tooth, and he is going to need the aid of the kids of Burgess to take Pitch down.

We seem to get burned out by the holidays as we get older, especially in tight times like these, and this movie is a great way to bring back perspective into our busy lives, and remember what fun these legendary creatures are, so we make sure our kids know. I chose Easter Sunday to do the review because of the weird weather we are still experiencing as April Fool’s Day dawn on us, and also to remind us that the Easter Bunny might not be so fluffy and cute after all (See Watership Down). Be that as it may, Rise of the Guardians is a great family film, and is perfect for just about any holiday gathering. So take your basket of chocolates, and slip this DVD into the PlayStation 3, and get ready for one great adventure!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★