Ridge Racer V

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Ridge Racer V is the first game on the PlayStation 2. The graphics looks much better than the PSone version and the Nintendo 64 version. The gameplay is a lot smoother than the PSone and Nintendo 64. This is not an Arcade game, not any more. This game has a story line in it. This game is about racing the 5 tournaments. You have to come in first place in each race you are in. The controls are easier than in the PSone version. This is my second favorite Ridge Racer game. I like to play a lot.

I love playing this game because I like to drift. You will get to drift quite a bit in this game. I love drifting. Drifting is a more fun than a driving tour. The graphics is way better than the PSone. The PSone graphics are too blocky. I love the details of the cars and I like the winning girl in this game. You get the winning girl in the opening. The winning girl is not 2D any more. You get to see her in 3D. This winning girl looks like one those female characters from Soul Calibur. Well, this game is done by NAMCO, and NAMCO did Soul Calibur as well.

I like gameplay of this game. The gameplay in this game is a lot smoother than the PSone. The PSone gameplay is not good at all, but this one it runs smooth as kitten’s purr. You can use the PSone controller in this, but it does not work all that well. One thing I hate about this, is that you can’t chose many cars this time. In this game, you only get the car that the game gives to you. The car in the game is really not all that good, but if you keep winning some races, your car gets better. If you played the Ridge Racer games on the PSone or If you played Ridge Racer 64 on the Nintendo 64, you will love this Ridge Racer game. It is called Ridge Racer V.