Ridge Racer Revolution

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Ridge Racer Revolution is the same as number one. This is the second Ridge Racer on the PSone. This is like the arcade version and number one was like the arcade version as well.

This one has 3 tracks instead of 4 tracks. The 3 tracks in this game are much harder than the first one. I kept on racing on the first track until I won. I won on the 10th try. I kept losing the first track 9 times, but when I raced the 10th time done that track, I won. I finally won that track. There are the other two tracks, but they are 10 times harder than the first track. This game is much harder than the first one. In the first one, you were playing on normal mode, but in this one, you are playing on very hard mode, or if you’re a first person shooter fan who plays racing as well. You will call it nightmare mode.

This has the same cars as well. I love to play my favorite half red, half green car called the RT Ryukyu. The RT Ryukyu was on the first ridge racer game as well. All those cars you see in the first Ridge Racer game you will see in this game. The graphics in this game are the same as the first one. The graphics are like in the arcade version. This one has the 3D graphics, and it still has the 2D winning girl in this one.

The 2D winning girl looks hotter than the first 2D winning girl from the first Ridge Racer. We know Namco made really great games back in the 90’s and did some really good game On the Play Station 2. When you are waiting the game to load, you got Galaga to play. If you already played the first Ridge Racer game and you want the other Ridge Racer games, play Ridge Racer Revolution. This game is similar to the first one, but way more challenging.