Ridge Racer 7

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Ridge Racer 7
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Ridge Racer 7 is one best racing games. You will never want to stop playing and it is one of the best ps3 you will want to get. This game is one of the first PlayStation 3 launch games. So this is the first racing game on the PlayStation 3. This is the first Ridge Racer game of the series I had played. We got this game when we went to get the PS3. The graphics are way better than before and gameplay is still the same from Ridge Racer V, but a little better.

The graphics in this game just blow the rest of the Ridge Racer games away. I like Ridge Racer V, but I think one is better than number five. The graphics look too real, and it looks much clearer than Ridge Racer V is. The first two Ridge Racer games had the 2D winning girls, but in this one you get to see the winning girls. The gameplay is still the same from Ridge Racer V, but this time you have nitrous. When you are drifting, you will get nitrous boost. The nitrous boost will give more speed. The tracks are little bit hard this time. So if you bump into a wall, you will lose some speed. So, don’t bump into wall, otherwise you will lose speed.

You can play this in 3D. I never played in 3D. You have to get the 3D patch pack in order play it in 3D. When you are playing this you don’t have race to earn cars. You are racing for money. So, you have to buy your own cars from now on. Also, you can upgrade your car. You can give your car a new engine, some tires, and a new nitrous boost, too. In the past, the other Ridge Racer games had fewer cars, but this one has more cars than the other Ridge Racer games ever had. I think this game has about 40 cars, and the others had like 5 or 10 cars.

You don’t have to wait for a friend to come over to play two players. You and your friend can play online. This game does have online battle. So, you and your friend can race each other. The other night I was racing someone from Japan, and he/she was really fast, so this person beat me. The soundtrack in this game is really good. That sounds like party music, and the music is good as this race, as well. If I just played the soundtrack for this game, I would be throwing a party. If you had other Ridge Racer games before, your going to like this game way better than other Ridge Racers. So, if I were you should go get Ridge Racer 7 now.